With a global increase in the reliance of external data management systems, the need for new data centres will continue to grow and therefore, the requirement for high quality cooling and power supply systems will remain a fundamental part of these modern buildings.

Our piping systems are perfect for either the transfer of large amounts of chilled water for cooling purposes or for the transfer of fuel for an uninterrupted/emergency power supply. Reliable pipework is a fundamental requirement for such modern buildings to ensure that the appropriate systems function continuously.

PLX is a specifically designed pipework system for the safe transfer of fuel-based liquids both above & below ground. The gravity fill & vent pipe with its larger smooth bore reduces time and costs when filling underground fuel storage tanks. This pipework is also perfect for venting the system to ensure the tank and associated pipework are pressure balanced at all times whilst filling the tank or conveying fuel to the generator inside the data centre.

The chamber is central to the fuel supply system. It provides inspection access to the tank and protects the fill, pressure, siphon and vent connections. With space at a premium the innovative design of Durapipe PLX helps to minimise installation time and ensures easy access to the tank.

Durapipe SuperFLO pipework can operate at temperatures as low as -40°C whilst remaining highly impact resistant. The chilled water system would be the main artery of any Data Centre building with effective temperature control and cooling of the server rooms an essential aspect of the buildings function. SuperFLO is quick & simple to install and is totally limescale resistant.

Durapipe SuperFLO is the perfect pipework solution for air conditioning applications. Available in sizes up tp 315mm, the SuperFLO system is completely corrosion resistant and carries a full range of manual & actuated valves making it ideal for a sophisticated air conditioning operation.

PLX is the ideal pipework system for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) applications. Any loss of power and subsequent loss of information would be catastrophic to a Data Centre and therefore a reliable UPS system is imperative. PLX specialist above & below ground piping is ideal for supplying fuel to ensure effective operation of UPS systems.

PLX pipework is used to safely transport fuel from external underground storage tanks to the central generators of a Data Centre for emergency power supply applications. The pipework system ensures a continuous flow of fuel which is fundamental for back-up power.