Plastic piping systems are a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice that will serve generations to come. They are energy efficient during manufacturing and provide peak performance during service. Strong, durable, lightweight and flexible, plastic piping systems require significantly less energy to manufacture transport and install than metal alternatives, and supply a long service life.

The cumulative energy requirements to manufacture, install and transport plastic pipework is estimated to be substantially less than most non-plastic systems.

Plastic saves energy – besides the technical advantages of plastics (eg. corrosion resistance) there are inherent benefits that contribute to energy efficiency and energy sustainability.

The chain of activity outlined below highlights where plastic has a positive impact compared to copper and steel which have a higher energy demand.

Durapipe & Aliaxis

The continuous mission of Durapipe and the Aliaxis group is to ensure our product offering is as sustainable as possible and considers the impacts on the environment whilst maintaining the highest quality and performance.

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, codes of practice and standards relating to quality and the environment.
  • Continually improve the company’s environmental performance, minimising any pollution risk and adopting best practice.
  • Increase usage of recycled materials where appropriate
  • Take positive action to reduce waste by promoting energy conservation and recycling
  • Optimising production processes.
  • Consolidating transportation routes across group companies.

Durapipe Environmental Management System

Durapipe UK operates and environmental management system that has been successfully assesed against the BS EN ISO 14001 environmental management system.