Durapipe UK is a proud member of the British Plastics Federation (BPF) Pipes Group

The BPF Pipes Group is the leading trade association representing manufacturers and material suppliers of plastic piping systems in the United Kingdom.

Established in 1962, the BPF Pipes Group is dedicated to promoting the development, acceptance and usage of manufactured plastic piping systems at all levels in the building, construction, civil and utilities industries.

BPF Pipes Group responsibility and compliance to Standards, Approvals and product quality.
BPF Pipes Group member companies have a responsibility to the industry to ensure products manufactured meet the needs of the application they are intended for and therefore invest in stringent testing and compliance with standards and approvals.

The BPF Pipes Group fully supports compliance with standards so installers and end users can assume membership is a sign of quality assurance and compliance with these standards.

All BPF Pipes Group members sign up to a charter (please see below) to ensure integrity, adherence to standards and commitment to quality.

BPF Pipes Group Charter

As members of the BPF Pipes Group we commit to the following charter

  • - Members will manufacture, sell and promote products that are fit for purpose for each application.
  • - Members will support and adhere to required standards & approvals.
  • - Members will act with honesty & integrity and provide accurate technical information and advice.
  • - Member companies will act in solidarity on topics that will help to promote and grow plastics.
  • - Member companies shall act as ambassadors for the BPF Plastic Pipes Group.

When you choose products from a Plastic Pipe Group member you are automatically choosing products of quality.

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