1. Lightweight & easy to install

  • Easier manual handling on site
  • No special tools or hot works are required

2. Corrosion & limescale resistant

  • Smooth bore of plastic prohibits corrosion or limescale build-up
  • Consistent flow rates & lower maintenance costs

3. Pump efficiencies

  • Plastic pipes have a smoother bore than metal alternatives
  • Smooth bore can provide less friction & lower head loss
  • Lower pump duty & long term energy savings

4. Water Quality

  • Smooth bore of plastic pipe results in reduced bacteria (Biofilm)
  • Only preventative treatments (chemical or thermal) will eliminate biofilm
  • C-PVC is the most compatible material for these treatments

5. Time & cost savings

  • Ease & speed of installation can provide value engineering solutions & a compressed schedule
  • Significant installed cost savings can be realised vs metal alternatives

6. Impact resistant

  • Some plastics materials have exceptional impact strength
  • SuperFLO ABS remains ductile at temperatures as low as -40°C

7. No scrap value

  • No additional security costs
  • No remedial repair work due to theft

8. Stable pricing

  • Plastic prices are more stable than metal pipe systems
  • Allowing more accurate cost projections for contractors

9. Modular solutions

  • Plastic systems work well on modular projects
  • Plastics are easy to pre-fabricate & connect-up on-site

10. Standards & approvals

  • Independently tested and approved
  • Rigorous testing to universally recognised standards.